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Clutch Fluid Change


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I was told by my local dealer that I need to have the clutch fluid changed. Has anyone tried changing it? Is it hard to do?

Would appreciate any help.

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very very easy but first question have you done anything like that before - i guess from your question the answer is no?

No. If it is as easy as changing the engine oil, I should be able to do it. Just need to know where the drain plug and the filler are. None of the filler caps read clutch fluid under the bonnet

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its the reservoir at the back of the engine on the LH side ( when looking from drivers seat) its the small angled neck bottle. you will need to raise the car - use axle stands! remove the lower cover as its easier this way before you remove the cover look at it - u will see small rectangle cut out with a red block visible thru the cut out - this is the clutch actuator and bleed point.

this is a bleed nipple here.

next step - you will need a bottle and a length of tube to fit the nipple ( about 6mm I.D) put some fluid in the bottle so when the pipe is connected to the nipple the other end is in the fluid.

now loosen the nipple and remove the reservoir cap - pump the clutch lever and look at the bottle - it will start filling up, let the fluid go down a bit in the reservoir and just keep repeating the process until clean fluid comes out of the pipe into the bottle. tighten the nipple then remove the pipe (important- in that order!) then test the clutch for normal feel then reinstall cover and check fluid levels.

make sure you get the right fluid also.

but to be honest for the cost i just get any garage to do it - doesnt have to be lexus.

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Did the dealer say why the fluid needed changing ? Were there any ill effects ?

maybe because it is time to change it - brake and clutch fluid is hygroscopic - absorbs moisture from the air. so over time it will degrade

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