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See You All In A Week!


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Right i'm off to Lagos in Portugal in the early hours of Monday morning for a week, but thats not what i'm most excited about.

When i get back next saturday lunchtime i'm heading straight off down south to meet Waddy and pick up my Supercharger!

Then with the two days off i've got Sunday and Monday i'm hopefully going to fit it and finish off the fitment of my Racelogic.

Can't wait for the boost and power!

Anyway see you all in a week.


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Right i'm back,

The weather was great and had a good relaxing time but secretly couldn't wait to get back and get my new toy.

Woke up this morning 50miles from the Airport and in Portugal,

15hours later, i've got home and driven a 340 mile round trip to pick up the Supercharger,

Thanks to Waddy for meeting me and the next couple of days will be spent fitting the SC and finishing off the Racelogic.

Then some ARB's, couple of other bits i want and then yes Lee off to the Ring next year!

Thanks to everyone for the messages and i'll start an installation thread tomorrow!


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