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Rx350 Owners: Your Help Please

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After hearing me bang on and on about my satisfaction with my Lex, my dad is thinking of going for an RX350 to replace his seven yr old E-Class (he wants space but something that can eat miles happily on trips across europe.) I've driven new GS, new IS and lots of 1st gen IS but never driven the RX and TBH don't know too much about it.

Would those of you who have the 350 reccommend it? I'm sure reliabilty is fautless but are there any niggles you don't like? (I've scanned the forums here no one seems to have anything that bad to say about it - although 350 owners seem few here?)

Basically are you happy with yours?

cheers in advance


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I've driven 2 - not owned any. But my impressions were first rate...

It does have a pitch/yaw affect, promounced under hard braking and corndering, but other than it is a very civilised and refined car, much better than any E class...and I'm not a Lexus die hard...

The SE-L is the one to have, that way it's got the lot, including the new generation Sat Nav.

He may be better off going 400h, which I drove at an open road event. Very impressive...

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I have 2ng gen RX300, and havent had any problems apart air suspension, its indicator has failed once, but no other problems have accoured. Great car, but terrible mileage, as i know rx350 has better mileage then rx300, but I would recommend rx400h, I've also drove it once, and it put big smile upon my face, great SUV ;)

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Had an RX350-SEL since last December (Santa was very good to me :whistling: ) 2nd best car I have ever had (the best was LS430).

Plus points

Uber reliable - only prob I have had is piece of creaking trim on passenger door

quick -spotty herberts in Saxo's get the shock of their lives at traffic lights

full time 4wd drive as opposed to on demand 4wd in 400h - probably not important to most owners

air suspension - handy if you are carrying lots of stuff or have short legs as you can drop the car to the floor :lol:

all the toys - new Multi Media and Nav is awesome and even blue tooth has been fine.

very comfy - long journeys are no problem

doesn't seem to suffer the eco-menatalist backslash of things like Range Rover

rx400h outsells 250 9:1 = good discounts (4K plus from new)

Minus Points

thirsty - 20 mpg around town and between 25-30 on motorway. Good for 2 tonne 4wd but still worth considering. if you do lots of short journeys go for the 400H

front and rear parking sensors are extra

you will need the discount to offset vertical depreciation. Mine has lost about 17K in 8 months!! Not an issue to me as I plan to keep it for 5 years.

Overall - 350 is a brilliant car.

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