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Fog > Brake Modification

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You will need a souldering iron or some scotch blocks if you want to bodge it,

Its fairly easy, done it once before on Sanj's car. Sure there will be other people willing to help, if they can fit a supercharger at JAE then im sure a brake light mod will be no problem at all.

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Is it the kit to have the rear fog's illuminate as a brake light in normal use but still enables it to light up as it should when its foggy? If so, do you know where i could get one from and the cost?

There are two ways of doing this mod

1/ Dual filament bulb holders giving separate filaments for each, AFAIK you need to do a small mod to the actual reflector to make it fit.

2/ Use a couple of diodes (69p each) to feed the fog bulbs from both the brakes and the fogs. This is the way that I did it.

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which would be easiest for a novice
The second as fair as I am aware. This is what I'll be doing this weekend hopefully :)

I would agree but then I have not tried the other way.

There is a thread in this somewhere about, I'll have a look.

@ Jamie - What kit did you buy, you said that you were looking for bulb holders. If you are doing diodes all you need are 2 diodes, some wire and a few odds and sods.

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Surely a single, big diode will do it? The fogs will be wired together anyway, so wiring one side should sort the other.

2 fogs would pull about 4 amps, so a single 6A diode should do the pair. A P600A from Maplin (code UK59P) would be up to the job.

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P600A diodes are what I used, HERE is the old thread but the pics have gone. I have changed web servers so if one of the mods would unlock I can change the URL or if they are still there a mod could add /data before the jpg file name and that should work :D

You need 2 diodes, one stops the brake lights going on with the fogs and the second to stop the fog light relay latching and keeping the fogs on when you brake.

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2 diodes (can't remember which), a bit of wire and a couple of scotch locks. (lee_iceman may have part numbers as he helped with mine)

all can be picked up from maplins for less than a bacon sarnie!!! :winky:

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Top notch fella, thanks...

If you manage to get hold of the part numbers / details, please post 'em up....



If its the diodes your after Jamie i've got a set you can have mate? i'd got them in my car at JAE but never realised that you needed them or you could of tried them there... :)

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