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That looks absolutely ridiculous. I'd be ashamed to be seen in it. I don't like any bodykit on any car. Manufacturers spend millions of pounds and thousands of hours on research and development making the car look nice - I just don't think that some guy (or girl) in his (or her - see, totally politically correct) garage with a budget of £250, a spare Saturday and a can of spray paint can make the car look any better sticking bits of plastic on it. Ok I'm not saying manufacturers always get it right, sometimes a complete dog does slip through the net (Kia Rio, Cityrover, Ssangyong Rodius - possibly the ugliest car in existence, Daihatsu Sirion and so on) but the Lexus is a gorgeous car so please leave it alone! When you modify a car you modify it to your tastes. When you come to sell the car it's going to be much harder to sell because most people don't want a car that's been the subject of someones misguided attemps at improving it. Let's put it this way, two men in a bar, one wearing a Hawaiian shirt, totally inebriated, loud and gobby. The other smart, well dressed, civilised and classy. Which one gets the girl? James Bond every time I'm afraid. And thus the voice of reason has spoken!

I do realise my opinions on car modifying are likely to cause some people to disagree therefore I look forward to the replies lol!

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have to say im well impressed i think the exhausts are nice and that the entire car is good . i dont totally like the wing but its nothing horrible

the more i look at the graphics the more it hink its a bit overdone . they are nice and im sure it dose turn heads but its just not the type of graphics id like to see on mine .

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Talking of the Monster it was revealed at JAE that it now also has some awesome graphics :)

Talking of this IS300, I don't get it, it lists loads of engine mods but then with the GReddy turbo it's only hitting 250bhp and 220ft/lb of torque - they're figures I'd expect for a turbo'd 1G-FE - not the 2JZ-GE - sounds like they've done a lot of work for nearly zero effort, plus it's going to be slower with all that extra stuff added!

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although the exhausts are a bit over the top and the bonnet looks a lot like a doodle...

...still think it looks good because its quite subtle in only sticking to black and white for the graphics and all the outlandish bits seem to work well togeather. :shutit:

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IMO, it looks doodle.

Lambo doors on an IS...come on...the graphics are OTT. The kit is just not doing it for me, the only thing that I like is the boot looks aiyte.

$40,000 to get that...he personally got ripped off...250 BHP? ha...

my opinion though... :rolleyes:

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