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Hi i am about to purchase a ls400 but have been told to consider the gs300 also. Simple question really ...Which is the better to own and run and the more enjoyable?

cheers steve

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I have a GS300 MK1 sport and I would be bias and say GS300.... I have never driven or owned one but they do look like heavy cars though I been told that they both seem to have the same mpg in comparison but dont quote me on that.

I would personally say the GS Sport would be more enjoyable and fun to drive

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Having previously owned an LS400 and now driving a GS430SE I have to say I prefer the GS.

The LS was excellent for those motorway cruises but on back roads and country lanes it tended to feel like you were driving a bus.

Mk1-3's are also starting to look a little dated now.

However, dont get me wrong - I loved the LS and it had a tad more kit (Heated rear seats, electric seat belt hight adjustment, electric head rest adjustment etc) but from a ride perspective the GS is better.

Have to say those extra gadgets were not used much either

Either way you will be happy though - after all - its a lexus ;o))

Happy driving and wish you all the best

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