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Mk1 Rx300 Electrics

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Hi All,

Finally got round to taking off the towbar from my car as it looked rubbish and I never tow anything (starting to wish I hadn't now though) !

Took a good hour of WD40 and brute force to remove the rusty nuts and bolts. Then we took the electric bits off and taped up the bare wire connections, which are connected to (spliced more like) the wire loom on the rear left of the car under the spare wheel.

Now the remote locking doesn't do anything, the radio / satnav screen is off and the door open indicator doesn't show on the instrument panel - works fine otherwise mind!

Checked out all of the fuses to no avail, going to lexus tomorrow to see what they make of it.

Anyone got any clues on how to fix it?



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glad you got it sorted, it would be impossible to diagnose on the net, when you have removed aftermarket electrics.

at least its sorted

where was the fuse located as my radio and internal lights have gone tits up after changing the internal light bulbs? i've checked the fuse in the footwell and engine compartment.

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