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Thatcham Approved Immobiliser

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Got myself a new insurance company, but they asked if my car (is200SE) has a thatcham approved immobiliser. Not sure what that is as ive never heard of it. i know the lexus does come with an immobiliser but not sure what type that is, and double locking doors. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? and how to prove if anything to them.


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its listed in the user handbook/service book for the car what type is fitted.

the insurance companies KNOW it has a thatcham approved alarm, there hoping you dont so they can charge more

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I had this when i took my policy out, asked them to explain the question, apparently IS200's registered after may 1999 all have Thatcham Cat 1 fitted, before that it must be cat 2.

to my understanding

cat 1 = Alarm and Imobaliser

cat 2 = imobabliser

cat 3 = some of those steering locks and some alarms.

if this is wrong could somebody please correct me.

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