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Ruined Leather Upholstery On Is300

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Am very upset about this, and really hope someone out there can help. :crybaby:

A few days ago, some **** pulled out in front of me causing me to brake sharply. Nothing new there, but it caused the contents of a 'moisture trap' sitting on the parcel shelf to be spilled over my beautiful, pristine oakham leather back seats. I wiped off all the gunk I could find almost immediately, but the leather has become hard and puckered - the seats are ruined. I'm so upset, this car is my baby. Is there anything that would make the leather soft again? Alternatively, does anyone know of a leather specialist who might be able to help?

All the best


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Sorry to hear that!

I had a dry bit of leather (think something was spilt on it) When i last fed my leather it went, I used Auto Glym Leather Care

Just spotted this too.

Try it on a small part first too see if it helps.

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That's unfortunate, sorry to hear it. Maybe try Turtle Wax leather conditioner, it worked well for me on my Celica although not in the same circumstances I must confess. I'm not sure about getting it repaired or anything. Gutting news.


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I doubt that it'll be completely ruined, the leather in the IS is coated to a certain extent so shouldn't be too bad. Before you mess about with it too much, I'd have a leather specialist take a look at it.

I have a sofa in aniline leather (which effectively has no coating, which gives it a fantastic feel, but no protection if anything spills) and I thought it had been ruined when someone managed to leave some chocolate on it that melted into the sofa :tsktsk:

Had a leather specialist work on it, and you wouldn't even notice anything had happened to it - it looks and feels exactly as it did when it was new. It cost less that £100 to work that out, but that was quite extensive work as it had to be cleaned out and recoloured. Obviously I don't know if it can be fixed, but it's worth getting an estimate for.

I'm not sure if the guy I used works on cars, but if you're interested, let me know and I'll try to find out for you.

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Thanks for the replies folks.

Spent another two hours yesterday trying to sort it out, but I think it is going to need specialist attention, so I'd be grateful for any relevant telephone numbers.



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