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Picture of the car:

Good evening Ls owners, some time ago I put on here a topic of all the work I have done to my LS400 – 93, to date, well on Sunday my work was completed!!!

History - I bought my car off my close boss for a mear 500 pounds, he loved the car and gave it to his sons and then they miss treated it (they were spoilt), and then 2 years later it came into my hands where I fell in love!!!! For the past year and 2 months I have slowly stripped the car and rebuilt it, I’m not a professional but someone with a lot of passion!!!

Work that has taken place:

1, Stripped all the body work off to wax oil behind everything

2, Repaired the broken ariel

3, Cleaned out the throttle body

4, Changed the Drive belt

5, Cleaned the Engine bay

6, Replace nearly all the plastic covers in the Engine bay

7, Stripped out the boot its now been grit blasted and respray

8, Repaired the auto changer and housing

9, Cleaned all carpets seats and ALL internal trims - this involved removing everyone and taking them home to be cleaned

10, Realigned all the doors, boot lid, and bonnet as they were out of sink

11, Repaired the dash as it didnt work - £1.00 well spent

12, Stripped the dash so I could clean and repair bits

13, Repaired roof trim as it was falling down

14, Installed Amp and housing for new sub

15, Repaired all side skirts front bumper and rear and replace a rear door quarter

16, Sanded down all rust spots ready for re-spray

17, Of course de-badged

18, Tinted rear and side lights

19, Cleaned up exusts using Autosol

20, Full Service

21, Installed a 10” sub

22, Custom made a sub box to fit around the fuel tank

23, Sound deadened the parcel shelf and back seats

24, Finally got the rear fog light working – put my own cables in

25, Put on clear indicators

26, Fitted halogen bulbs

27, Lowered the front by 31mm and the rear by 25mm

28, Fitted Superflex bushes to the front control arm

29, Fitted Superflex bushes to the rear trailing arms

30, All brake discs have been filed and cleaned up

31, New pads on the front

32, All calipers have been taken off, cleaned up and painted.

33, Most importantly managed to replace the Lexus tool kit in the boot.

34. Fitted gas struts to the boot

I would love to fit a body kit and do crazy extras, but ive spent so much getting the car to this stage i just want to drive it!!!

As I said my work is finished now I hand it over to the professionals (when I have the money haha). The work that needs to be done is a cat 1 alarm, windows tinted, alloys and full respray.

Hopefully next year i can come show it the LOC Rally

Best Wishes Mat

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Haha thats the same question that i got asked last time!!!

Well when i got the car the seats were black with muck and grime so i used jif and a scrubbing pad (something i dont really recommend as its very very harsh on the leather), then i used Autoglym leather cleaner at the weekend and its great you actually see the muck comming as well as treating the leather!

its expensive but worth it.


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Thanks fellas

Alot of hard work went into it. A big thank you to especially ROYT as you have helped me along the way.

Brilliant work Mat. May the car give you many years of pleasure, A true labour of love. As you stated, perhaps only passionate Lexus owners will truly understand your commitment. Best regards, Graham.

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Well i am certainly grinning ear to ear now

Thanks everyone it makes a massive difference when everyone understands, its funny really i was talking to my mates with it the other dayand they didnt have a clue what i was on about haha

again Thank you for all your comments

Best wishes Mat

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what leather cleaner did you use on them seats? , ive tried loads on mine but i think creme was a bad color to get :)

oh yeah, must learn to read before i post :)

but hey id only just woke up ;)

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