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+21 Offset For Is200

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right ppl i got a is200 sport and i bought a wide arch kit for it so i need a big set of wheels like 9J with 235/45's but just wont 17s and a offset of +21 yes u heard right lol so am just wondering if anybody kows any1 who may have a set or know somewhere i can get a set from preferably in the kent area?

cheers ppl

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blimey... firstly... upload pics of your car!!! wide-kit IS200s are just plain awesome!

As for the offset 21, perhaps you can buy a standard set of 8" rim width like those fitted to the RAV4 and insert a 10mm spacer?! It should bring the wheel out just enough to line up with your wide kit, and the TTE range for the RAV4 isn't so bad...

I have the Grand Prix 17s with +35 offset on rears.

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i havnt actually got it on the car yet but will be going on wthin the nxt sort of month but jus wanna get everythin first then do the lot at once but can show a few pics of the advert pics of a car its already on

i have tried a set of 235/45/17 with that offset ect while the arches were held up against the car and they were 9J and they fitted perfect


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mainly cause i wanna keep the 45 profile as i dnt wanna loose the ride comfort as i had 40s on me mondeo then switched to 45s and the ride difference was so much better

thats the only reason realy

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i've got 18's with a 45 profile and if i remember correctly they had 19's avail too...

so your not just restricted to 17's and in all fairness i aiyn't noticed a difference in handling with the 18's...just a bit more grip...:D

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