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Its That Time Again


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Well ive managed to fit JAE in this year again, but this is me signing out for another 3months, hopefully by the time i get back i will have some nice shiney new suspension waiting for me, and again we'll see whats next after that. Hope everyone enjoys there summer, im off to a sweaty far east as usual!!

Speak to you all soon


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Well guys n gals after a bit of a suprise change in my trip away im home after a short 5weeks!!! Im gutted to say the least as ive only got 2weeks at home and them im off to join another ship!! The worst thing is i have been replaced by a philipino :tsktsk: its great to see out ships (once the second largest container comany in the world) deminished to just 7ships manned by the brits!! The rest of them have now gone to either philipinos or russian or ukranian!!! So the next ship i'll be joining im not sure how long i'll be away for as i will be gettin replaced on there by philipino too!! GRRR!!!

So anyway rant over!! My coilovers still aint arrived, they did say it was gonna take 2months like but i can live in hope that they'll get here this time home!! :whistling:

Speak to you soon......Chris

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