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My Crappy Anchors!


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Hi all. Just trying to get a definitive answer on why my back discs are so rusty. Looked through all other posts and found some similar stories to mine. A while back I took off back calipers and changed pads thinking that was my problem. That didn't sort the rust problem though. Before re-assembly checked calipers to see if thet were operating ok but they weren't stuck or anything. Also checked to see that pads weren't gettin stuck on their sliders or anything but all seems to be ok. Can it be the case that a caliper isn't seized but can still be faulty?? Bled system for any air too.

Should mention that sliding bolt on front left caliper carrier had been seized too but just after getting second-hand one from breakers. not sure if two problems are connected.

The pedal is giving a total spongy feel and wouldn't have loads of confidence in brakes at all. I'm in the process of fitting new front discs too while I'm at it.

Any opinions welcomed...!!

Regards D.

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I had the same problem, my garage had to dismantle and clean the calipers completely as theye were siezing up due to corrosion caused by using ferrous and nonferrous metals together. It causes what is known as electrolytic action.

They now work fine. My next problem seems to be parking brake adjustment.

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