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My Terrible/rusty Brakes


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HI all.

BY the way before I start I thought I posted this topic already so if you see it somewhere else forgive my stupidity. Basically looking for definitive answer on why my rear discs are so rusty. They generally have a spongy feel to them. Read a few similar posts on this but did'nt get to the bottom of the problem. To start with I just thought it was a matter of changing pads which I did. When doing this I checked calipers were't sticking but they were moving in and out ok off the pedal. Also cleaned and lubricated grooves that pads move in and out on. Can it be the case that a caliper seems to function ok but still be faullty?? Bled system for air too. Didn't make a bit of differance! They're still rusty as ever.

Should mention also that I was having problems with front brakes too. Ended up fitting new discs but the problem was a seized sliding bolt on front left caliper carrier. The two problems are hardly connected?

Any opinions welcomed. Thanks

Regards D

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are the discs rusty all the time? or does the rust clear after you have driven the car?

My discs do get a light rust on if the car has been sitting for a few days and its been wet.

Any pics? is it the whole suface of the disc? or a section?

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Yeah they're rusty pretty much all of the time. I know the type of rust you're talkin about but that just clears after a short drive. This is kinda in rings as if the caliper is'nt pressing hard enough. Have the car 12 months or so and I noticed it when buying it but thought it'd clear after a while. I'll try and get pics. The funny thing is after passing the nct (mot) you get a print-out that has all the data and figures. It said that back brakes were well above the pass rate but the front just about passed! Have since replaced front discs but it didn't really make much differance to the overall performance. Still have that spongy pedal.

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is your servo working ok and is the brake fluid in good condition?

when you put the new discs on, were they with old pads?

Yeah put new pads on while doin the job -front and rear. Yeah brake fluid is fine, really clean etc only 50k on the clock.

How do I go about checking servo is operating ok?

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