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Front Fog Lamp Question.

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i know i've already replied to someone elses post about the same thing but i was gonna create one for myself so here it is..

i've just taken both mine out today as they both werent working even though....when you turn them on.... the light on the dashboard comes on....

i peeled back the wheel arch liner dont have to peel it back fully ...i just took out just two of the plastic plugs holding it....and also unscrewed two of the 10mm bolts underneath the bumper.....this should allow you to peel back the liner so you can see the back of the fog light housing unit....

then if you look at the fog light from the front of the car - on the side of the fog light, there should be two 10mm bolts that are holding the fog light housing...i undid these.....

obviously making sure you have unplugged the wire that clips into the back of the fog light housing.

then with one hand inside hold the back of the fog light housing....and the other hand on the front of the fog light..just give it a little wiggle and it should just slide outwards......

i took both mine out like this...and they came out nice and easy....after taking them out i found both the units were really badly corroded to the point that the metal bit inside the housing was just cracked and broken and and the bulb was broken away from it.

Can someone shed some light one this please as im really confused as to where to go from here.....can i do anything with these units or do i need to buy new ones..and if i need to buy new ones can anyone recommend a place to get them from.


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This is a known problem but luckily it happened to me just within the warranty period so got them replaced FOC. If they are badly corroded your only option is to get replacements but be aware that a year ago Lexus wanted £120 + vat for each one!

If you can source them elsewhere then it will save you some money.

Good luck in your search :)

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i know it wold have been alot easier if i was still under warranty but mine is a 2001 model...i've been looking around and i've seen loads on ebay and stuff...but they seem to be listed as is300 rather than is200....are these the same as the is200...connections and fitting?

i think all these are the jdm white clear fog lights for the is300....i mean if lexus are charging 120 plus vat each then the ones on ebay are 100 pound for the pair..but t means getting them shipped from the japan or hong kong or america....i mean still it works out alot cheaper than the ones direct from lexus.thats the way im thinking anyway.

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can i also ask i right in thinking that the bulb for the front fogs is the HB4 9006 type with the plastic connection end at 90 this the same as the headlight bulb?

Yep, there the same as the headlight lamps, the Hb4`s I got a cheap set off a guy on Ebay and saved loads on whats the dealers were charging, I also waited and managed to get a new fog light for £14.00 from someone in Newcastle, again on Ebay.

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i take it you have an auto????? if so, it might also be worth finding the front arch liners from a manual is200!!!!!

I think there was a post a while ago that said the auto is200's have vents on the arch liners and some of the water from the wheel ends up getting sprayed onto the rear of the fog lights. However the manual arch liners don't have this vent so the fog lights stay nice and dry and don't corode!!!!!!

Jason :P

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I think its the autos that have the vents only. the brakes on autos need more cooling.I will have a set of oem fogs for sale soon.

thanks all for the soon do u think u wll have them for sale boddamloon?...and how much will you be looking for? me...had day off from work so been going to some breakers ....and is200's are a real rarity to find in a breakers been to about 6 and none had lexus!!!

anyways...mine is a 6 speed manual ...sports....

there are no vents on the wheel arch liner so i dont know how they have corroded so badly!!!!!...

one theory i thort of as i was trying to get to sleep last night .....

.....the fogs were working fine everr since i' purchased it about 3 years ago....ive not noticed the fogs for about a year....but i've taken my car to lexus dealer a couple of times (the one in manchester , bury new road)....the first time it went in was for the new tyres and the second time it went in was for a headlight problem....and the theory i have is that they have, on the sly, swapped my fogs other words taken my working ones off and put in ones that are corroded!!!'s possible!


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just coat the backs in silicone then they will not corrode

hia and when i get the new ones....what exactly am i coating with silicone? the metal bit inside the plastic housing that you fit the hb4 bulb into...the one with the three screws around it?


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yes hb4 are just like the headlight bulbs with the plastic bit on the back.

with the corrded fogs mine were the same and ended up drilling the fog bulb out of the holder. not ideal but bulb was out and eventually managed to salave it out. had to drill the plastic housing out too as that was welded tight into the holder too. was a messy job to be honest but hell of a lot cheaper than buying new fogs.

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