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Hi all.

I'm looking for a new antenna for my IS - I've managed to get polish all over mine that won't seem to budge. I fancy a smaller one anyway. Has anyone got any recommendations and pics for me to look at. Also how easy are they to fit? Is it a quick and easy job or does it involve taking the roof lining off and so on?


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they just unscrew

theres plenty of 'bee sting' types on ebay, where the part that screws to the roof is normally either black or chrome, and the tip is black or chrome too, and the middle bar, normally black, comes in 2 sizes, and this middle piece is prone to rust over time, but they work fine, just give it a wipe whenever its been raining

I know you appreciate the look of your car without mods, so the black would look nice on your roof

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Hi Keith,

Take a look at this little fella: -

My only concern is that the radio reception may suffer because it's a bit on the stubby side. I ordered one on Sunday, so I'll let you know how I get on. One thing I did read on the honestjohn website is that the IS has one of the most powerfull radios on the market, so my original concerns may be unfounded.

Either way, I'll let you know............

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