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Cheapest Spark Plugs - Help

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I've just bought an IS200SE (2001) last friday but I do have a few questions:

1 It will need the 60,000 mile service soon and I was hoping to buy the parts myself and get a local guy to fit them. The oil filter, airfilter and polen filter I'll buy direct from Lexus. Where's the cheapest place to buy spark plugs? I've heard ebay's pretty good but any advise? Lexus are charging £60 for 6 which seems steep.

2 What oil is best, fully synthetic, semi synthetic or magnatec (we'll be doing lots of short journeys)

3 The car will be 6 years in December is it wise to do the cambelt or shall I wait a while. I know it's every 100k or 6 years but it's done 60,000 so I was hoping to get away for it for a while. Anyone heard or a cambelt snapping?

4 There's a grinding noise towards the back driver wheel once I reach 40mph but disappears at low speed any idea on what it could be?

Thanks in advance for all opinions and advice.

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1. You answered your own question, best place for spark plugs is ebay (US) not (UK). A lot of members here have bought their spark plugs from US ebay, simply becuase it works out cheaper than paying UK dealer prices. When buying sparks plugs, remember to buy the Denso iridium spark plugs, IK20. Here's a link.

2. I'd use Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil, not sure if this is the best for short journeys though. Millers oils and Magantec are also good.

3. As your car is coming up to 6 years old, I'd definately have the timing belt changed sooner rather than later. Although the book says the timing belt is good for 100k/6 years, many people will advise you on having the belt changed at 60k. I didn't change my belt until 90k, at this point there was a fair amount of wear/tear signs. When changing the timing belt you need to have the idler and tenisoner changed, not just the belt itself.

4. Grinding noise could be anything, such as low pads. Best to have a mechanic have a look at this.

Hope this helps.

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All I can say about the timing belt is if it breaks and does any damage to your engine, you're going to be really miffed you didn't get it changed because the bill will be huge. It says 6 years or 100000 miles, whichever comes sooner. Yours is at 6 years, I'd get it done.


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Have you thought about eBay USA? There are lots of sellers that are more than willing to post to the UK, and with the exchange rate the way it is, you may well get a better deal than the UK counterpart is willing to give.

Just a thought!

PS - I'm talking about sparkplugs here...........

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