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Is there a thread on here that has a list of acronyms and abbreviations and their description's?

I'm forever seeing them on the site and im starting to learn afew like RAFLMTO and other car related ones like what TTE stands for.

I know i missed the 'O' out of the word acronyms in the title too. :blush:

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Site here that as all the generals like LMAO etc

TTE stands for Toyota Team Europe - & there is a recent (ish) thread somewhere with IS,GS etc on (some serious some funny) :D

p.s. I've put the 'o' in for you :winky:

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Here's a few:

TRD = Toyota Racing Developments

TTE = Toyota Team Europe

LMAO = Laugh my *** (bottom) off

LMFAO = Laugh my effing *** (bottom) off

ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor, laughing my *** (bottom) off

ROFLMAOPMSL = Rolling on floor, laughing my *** (bottom) of, ******* (wee weeing) myself laughing

PMSL = **** (wee weeing) myself laughing

LOL = Laugh out loud

TY = Thank you

NP = No problem

YW = Your welcome

K = Ok ;)

Jamie :P

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because ......i can !
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