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Hi Ppl New To Loc


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Welcome to LOC. Glad you're happy with the purchase. Hope to see you and the car at one of the meets.

The VXR is a fantastic car, but to be fair, from my experience it's hard to be less comfortable. I suppose you could do to by sitting on a block of granite being methodically and rhythmically hammered into a wall but in a car it's a hard act to beat lol! They're fantastic cars though.


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Hi there and welcome to the LOC,

Lovely car you have there with an unusual aftermarket splitter on the front. Any idea which that is?

Anyways, enjoy the club and what it has to offer,

All the best,


i have no idea as this is how i have purchased the car i believe it has been at some of your meets before as it has the lexus owners club stickers all over it

finding it with all the work is done was just great cant believe the bloke wanted rid of it he swapped for a BMW Z3

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Hmmm that looks familiar indeed............ Cos it was mine :D:D:D

Glad to see the beast again in all its glory :D

Needs a few Tweeks and TLC but willing to offer advice as I know the machine inside out.

I love it all over agian :D

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