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Hi guys..

noticed my aerial doesn't seem to be fully up, so tried to give it a tug but it won't move...

turned it off, and it goes down normally, then turned back on, and watched it go fully up, then back down about 6".

Tried it numerous times, and exactly the same... fully up, then down about 6".. is this normal, and does yours do it?


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If you change radio station whilst you are driving you will also notice the aerial move either up or down based on the signal strength for that station although probably best that you listen for it moving rather than look whilst you are driving...could end up costly :wacko:

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It's nothing to do with the strength of the reception, it's the frequency of the signal. Radio 2, broadcast on 88-90MHz, will cause the aerial to extend fully. But a station broadcast at a higher frequency (eg Magic FM, in London on 105.4MHz), will have optimum reception with a shorter aerial.

As frequency rises, wavelength gets shorter, so the aerial needs to be shorter also in order to get the best resonance with the signal.

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the whole village thinks they have a new idiot

there I am standing behind the car in the car park closely watching the arial

calling to her inside

Radio 2

Radio 4

Radio 1

Radio Cornwall

Radio Devon

And I am still watching the arial go up a bit, down a bit

One of the neighbours kids comes over startes at me for a while and asks me "Are you OK"

Talk about feeling a prat

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