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Is200 Key Blade Cutting Only Required - Wiltshire?

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Hi all,

At the moment I have two key fobs, the master and valet but the key blade on the master wasn't present when I bought the car i.e. had broken off. Therefore to unlock the car I use the master fob and then have to use the valet key blade in the ignition to start the car. Although this works fine, I need both keys with me at all times and if I loose either I will not be able to start the car!

Have bought a master case and blade off ebay for £5 which I was going to put the master key electronics into and then get the blade cut to the valet key. However after going to several key cutters they all say they cannot cut these types of key and Lexus Swindon wanna charge me £140 for a new key with electronics plus coding!

Does anyone know of a locksmith or key cutter who can simply cut a blade to match my spare? I don't wanna fork out all that money just for a second key when all its for is piece of mind.

I think my valet key electonics dont open the car because the Battery in it is dead, but I dont wanna start fiddling with it until I get a fully working master key up together.

I'm from the Wiltshire area but dont mind travelling a bit to save money. I also have found an american company who say if you give them your VIN number they will cut a key for me without needing my key to cut it from...charging $40 plus delivery, does this sound legit or not?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Swindon Jon.

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Didn't you used to be able to get a flat, metal-only key to keep in your wallet as a spare? I'm sure one was mentioned in the GS300 Mk.1 handbook.

Try Lexus Hanley, ask for Chris Shipley (he's on here as Chris.S), kick Lexus Swindle into touch. He may be able to help.

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Thanks for the input,

Gonna have a search for more specialist locksmiths and let you all know the outcome, will get the batteries for the spare as well. If I still cant find someone to do it i'll look into contacting Chris S for a flat spare.

Also just booked my car in for geometry allignment with WIM after reading such good press from all you guys...after checking my tyres and finding not a lot of tread on the inside of the fronts!!!

Cheers again guys

Swindon Jon

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