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Hi Everyone

This is my first topic and first post on lexus owners club as i only became a member yesterday!

Basically ive found a set of wheels 19x8.5j and 19x9.5j with an offset of et43 is this possible on an i200? if so can any post some pictures for me?

If this isnt possible can anyone tell me a recomended width and offset for 19's. and also wot i can get away with lowering it by, i have an arch roller so relativly small rubbing isnt a problem.

Thanks in advance for any help


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They can fit, but will require some work too. You might need to put some negative camber on to tuck them in some, obviously this will kill your tyre wear. use some stretched tyres for more clearance too.

yer thats wot i was thinking, ive also got a golf mk3 -90mm on 17's so usto having to make things fit, but its obvoiusly just abit of a different story on a 1000 poind car to a 6000 pound car lol

someone said in another thread that on the front 19's hit the bottom sus strut? is this true? or only true if u run big sidewals?

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