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Hi guys

Well ****** off today, after taking my 220 in to lexus for a new bumper respray at christmas poor re-fitment has caused a number of areas to rub off the paint. I returned the car to Toyota bodyshop over the road which was where it was sprayed as they are the "Lexus authorised bodyshop" they only fixed 2 tiny marks using smart repair and left the rest they also put a dent in the nearside wing which they deny ********* after much arguing they said would contact my dealer to arrange a warranty repair. After calling my local dealer and explaining what had happened they said that they would never agree to such a repair as the toyota bodyshop is nothing to do with them or Lexus they are only 1 of many "authorised bodyshops" that i could have used and any problems need to be sorted with the bodyshop as it is them that the bumper re-spray is warranted by and not lexus. So now have to fight tooth and nail with a lying bodyshop manger to get things sorted. will let you know how things turn out and name and shame just thought you all should know to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else. REMEMBER REPAIRS ARE UNDER WARRANTY BY THE REPAIRER NOT LEXUS :tsktsk:

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That's true to a certain extent, I had a similar problem a few years ago with a certain London dealer, and yes the Lexus side didn't really get involved too much.

I was fine though because the bodyshop was affiliated to the Toyota dealership next door, so even though the bodyshop were awful, I fought my way through the dealership (actually going right the way to the MD) and they got it sorted so fast it was funny!

Is the Toyota bodyshop part of a nearby Toyota dealership? If so, contact that dealership, get to know the guy at the top, and things will get moving really quickly.

Hope it works out for you.

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