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New Phone New Camera, Some Photos :)


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Well got the new Nokia N95, its a little on the large size but pretty impressed with the sat nav stuff on it and the camera is pretty sweet as well, 5 mega pixels. After footy tonight though i'd take some photos of the new dials i got done by Jason at JAE (thanks there flipping lovely I still owe you £5 pm me your details i'll swing it across), the quality of the photos is amazing, the lighting was really crappy though as you can see by some of them. click to enlrage them as they are really great for a phone

Any one else got the phone any thoughts ?????????

Lazy Cat


Dials (light reflecting bad so could only do angled shots)






Push button start



Defi Link up (bad light)


Defi Boost gauge


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Very nice, like your dials. Had my N95 about a month now.

Got a 4gb card for it of ebay.

wicked phones

All the best Paul.

Yeah got one of them from mouse2house for £40, just got a crystal case and a black silicone case for £4 there not to shabby either lol

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Phone was free with contract, and yep £40 for the memory card.

Thanks for the comments guys, im giving her a good clean up and gonna go out with dads proper camera at the weekend.

Might be stripping here out as well to see how much weight i can save.

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looking at those pics,your phone has a good cam in it.

dials look spot on (jason should be proud of his work)

starter button looks great too,may sound a stupid question but is fitted where the lighter fits or where the oem ignition is and is it fully working or just for show. :)

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Hey guys sorry didnt reply had no internet for the weekend :crybaby: i need my fix so im back :D

The button is from an S2000, cant remeber the guy i got it off, but had to go to cardiff to get it fitted, the Osaka design place made them. I think there are only 2 in circulation. looks nice though, bit annoying i never use it though lol was going to change alarms so i could use it then but didnt change insurance so didnt bother

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It's become really temperamental about letting me post pics. It keeps saying 'dynamic pages are not allowed' or something - but I'm doing no different now that I used to and it worked ok a while ago?
A dynamic picture is one that has a non 'normal' extension. Like the one you are trying to display .... as more than 1 '.'

Stick to a simple picture.jpg or picture .gif for it to work :)

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Do you have a link to any images of your car / spec list or anything? I do like the touches you've made to it...



Ive got my photo bucket album you'll have to go through quite a lot though LoL

Ive just put some more on there i've had a little fiddle with that look quite nice, there quite a few of my mates white punto which is unfortunate LOL

Heres the link tell me if it works there should be 15 odd pages of photos

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