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I've just bought an IS200SE (X reg, 2001). It will need the 60,000 mile service and I wanted to know exactly what is covered in this service and the cost involved if I have the work done at a Lexus dealership or Lexus Specialist.

I live in the West London Area.

Thanks in advance for all opinions and advice.

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I have a 2000 X and just had my 60k, I was advised not to bother using Lexus cos of the age/value of the car, given that the 60k is a major one and expensive labour (lexus edited their service details for the timing belt, saying 6 years/60k, contrary to the books saying 100k), unless you know someone at lexus who can do it on the cheap,

timing belt/tensioners/aux belts/water pump should all be checked at 60k, the water pump alone from lexus is £100+vat, the labour for the belts/pump etc is 3-4 hours, so obviously its best to get them all done together if you can, I luckily didn't need a water pump so I saved £117,

if they've already been done then your laffin'

check other threads on here about plugs

I might add that creativeperformance2004 has been recommended for them, however, I ordered 6x IK20's and 6x IK22's for Jamie's and only received 5 of each, and am currently in dispute about the 2 missing ones, lol, I don't know how often this seller cocks up...

hope this all helps

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Read the Dealer Reviews and Pricing thread on this site. Whatever you do, shop around. For example my 30k on my IS - quote I got from one local Lexus dealer was £307, trying another Lexus dealer a few miles further up the road cost me £120 for the same thing. With a £180 difference it could pay for a weekend away. Never accept your first quote.



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