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Spilled Air Refresher On The Dashboard!?!


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Hi guys,

My talented friend turned upside down air refresher in my car, by the time I noticed what he did it was to late! Dashboard paint is all messed up! The right corner by the window which is grayish lost color and at some places its all gone! Any suggestions how could I fix it to look like before? Thnx!!! :)

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Try some interior trim restorer. Autoglym do some, called Complete Stain and Scuff removal kit. Can't vouch for it's effectiveness as I've never used it but it's about all I can think of short of professional restoration. You could try Meguiars Quik Detailer Interior but that's more of a maintenance product than a restoring one. The lesson we can all learn from this is not to spill air freshener on a dashboard! Sorry to hear that it's made a mess of things - hopefully something will work to put it right :)

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Touch-up paint is terrible stuff. Never comes out well. I'd avoid it if it was me.

Dont know where abouts you are in u.k but theres a bodyshop next to my work really nice lads. They do a real good job too and pride themselves on small repairs. Prices are very reasonable give them a ring

Little Knocks

Unit 7 Canal Way

Summerhouse Lane




Tel: 01895 822665

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Thanx man! Do they have some touch up paint for the dashboard? I mean they should! ;)

look for companies that do dashboard repairs - they can quite often repaint the dashboard and if done properly you wont see the repair

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