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Can someone offer any kind of explanation to why I'm always having such a love/hate relationship with my car? My mind tends to flit between the two. I mean sometimes I'm all for the car and want to raise and nurture it, others I just want to kick the damn things head in? Every time I get in it it punches me in the face and steals my wallet and I long for a car that just doesn't cost me as much money. Does anyone else get this or am I totally on my own?

Please help!!!

Keith (who's confused) :lol:

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Dont be so nasty about Steve!!!!

Whats she done that so wrong? I think you abuse her i'll give her the number for carline

O and to answer your question I love my car and it costs me nothing compared to my last car!!

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It's like Lexdale or Lexoaks!!

Aah, I think you might have something there Lucy. I'll give the BBC a ring to see if they will commission it.

Damn it, would you believe it. Whilst I was writing that I dropped my ice cream and now it looks like I've had some kind of dirty accident on my trousers.

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