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Modified Car Insurance

DJ Wozza

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Hi guys + gals. It's that dreaded Car Insurance renewal time again. :tsktsk:

My car has the windows tinted and a nice :whistling: Stereo, so I am only minor modified,

but next year I will probably be tracking down a Supercharger and other bits as well and

bearing in mind the number of Modified/Supercharged Lexus on LOC your advice on the

best value Modified Insurer will save a lot of phone calls.

I will want Protected No-Claims Discount with a courtesy car, and a solid company that will

be there if the worst comes to the worst and get a claim sorted without undue fuss.

Also those of you that are Supercharged, what information did your Insurance Company need

with regards to the modifications etc.

Any and all info is appreciated :D thanks !

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adrian flux seemed to have down hill lately

remember that they are brokers, and not insurance company`s themselves

individual insurance company`s will differ in more than just the price, so ask to see the full schedule before committing

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i was with adrian flux and they wasnt too bad. they wasnt great when i came to renewal time cos id had a claim but they paid out no probs!! they covered all the mods.

but if ur trying to insure a car with tinted windows on the front they probably wont pay out a claim if they are illegal!!!

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As far as I know, something is only considered modified if it has stuff on it that weren't on it when it rolled off the production line. If the tints came out of the factory (on the car), then you wouldn't even have to declare them.

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Update as things stand

My renewal is due before the end of this month, and I have some performance modifications I am hoping to

do over the next 12 months, so I have been getting Quote's accordingly.

Adrian Flux


Go Compare

and others

won't quote for me because of my occupation (Disc Jockey or Nightclub DJ depending on what they have listed)

with Protected NCD and a clean Driving Licence with just tinted rear windows as the only modification.

A-Plan is getting back to me with a price next week (fast service of what ?)

Then Swintons wanted £1700. Nuff said :tsktsk:

However I have had a few nice surprises. :yahoo: (about time)

I am currently insured through Barclays (with Norwich Union) and they have been very competitive

with the modifications added, as also have been Tesco (again a suprise with the modifications added)

and Ensign via Sky Insurance (Brokers).

Finally after a day of ringing round, I have found Quotes less than £850 including full business use

for myself, including all the modifications I am planning to make. That's less than £100 more than

my Renewal which I think is a bargain.

I don't know why I seem to get a caning :tsktsk: for my occupation, maybe they think I am giving

Amy Winehouse a lift home or they think I Drink & Drive, (neither of these things are true).

I have always declared my occupation as I'm not going to break the Law or risk not getting paid out.

Now I'm just hoping the CCTV the Police are waiting for has the other driver's details

regarding a hit & run last month, and I can get it even cheaper :D

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