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I did it a few weeks ago on my '96 Mk1, very simple plug and play job. Well, almost. The only problem I had was that the wires on the plug and play loom were the oposite way round (+ve and -ve) compared to the Lexus loom. Just a case of releasing the pins from the HID kit plug switching them over. It did make me think I'd been sent a duff set to start with though so just something to look out for when you get them.

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Got a set from Prolex when he was doing them cheap. One side's flickery when cold but I reckon that's down to the ballast falling off its sticky mount and getting banged about. I'll try and fix it (preferably without getting a 23kV belt off it) sometime.

MOT testers didn't seem to notice this week. Didn't notice the non-E-approved LED tail lights, either!

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