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Alloy Refurbishment In Ireland


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Hi, does anyone know where I can get my alloys refurbished in Ireland? My ones are badly corroded.

Thanks in advance.

Dave McCann tyres did mine. I felt the job was okay, not great, and maybe it's coincidence, but the wheels have been virtually impossible to balance correctly ever since. Not exactly a glowing recommendation, but I'll admit that mine were in very bad shape. Oh, one more thing, they won't be able to re-do the diamond finish.

I've recently had some good tyre experiences in Discount Tyre and Auto Services in Blanch. You could contact them and see if they do it/know anyone.

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the Wheel Doctor in Tipperary either , or Tom Tallon in Carlow.

Theres a place in bray that fixed one of mine that was badly kerbed.

Alloy Wheels Repaired Unit D Solus Tower Ind Est Bray Co. Wicklow (01)2827001 (087)2437288

70 Euro per wheel, not totally perfect but un-noticeable to everyone except myself!

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Getting mine done by the 'Doctor , 75 per wheel , including diamond cutting.

Who is the doctor?

It's mentioned above ... the wheel doctor in Tipperary does a great job, I've seen the wheels he did for Siobhan (Ms_beams) and they were perfect, he manages to do the diamond edge as well

I think this is him


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