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Hi guys and girls.

Just had the 220d serviced 20k (wont say where as i know this can take over threads) on return of car i like to have a check around. I noticed that the coolant level (pink liquid) on the expansion bottle is way below the low level marker and half way down the fill tube level. Also removed the air filter and absolutely filthy and full of leaves dirt etc, also charged 89p for washer fluid top up and low and behold no top up. Also charged £40 for a clean air filter (the one in the glove box) has this been changed ? who knows. Gave them a call and was told engineer signed the job sheet so all must be ok. Then why have fill levels? please enlighten me my brothers and sisters as i must be stupid. After voicing my concern over the coolant level was told has been signed off and test driven all OK but if i am worried feel free to PURCHASE some fluid from Toyota. OK i thought made the call to check availability but Toyota only make the pink fluid in 5 litre bottles and coolant cannot be mixed £27 plus VAT. We also dont touch the air panel filter until it is changed at 40k Happy puppy not, thinking of trading car in for something better most definitely. If anyone can tell me if the is250 panel filter will fit in the is220d that would also help as i want to upgrade :megaangry: :tsktsk:

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I don't know what is on your service checklist, but I would check every single item you can.

Defo sounds like bad/incomplete service to me. :(

Was your Air filter on the service list as a part you paid for ?

The Pollen Air filter behind the glovebox also should be checked to see that it was replaced.

I am pretty sure that a Coolant fluid check is on the Service list, and they would top up as

needed & charge you for the extra coolant, or at least you would be notified if it was low.

I would also be wondering as to why if had lost coolant, and be expecting the Dealer to explain

why a 20,00 mile Lexus had lost a substantial amount of coolant.

I'd be furious if I was told "if i am worried feel free to PURCHASE some fluid from Toyota"

You gotta be kidding me. You just serviced this car for :tsktsk: sake

I'd go back and not only make some fairly loud concerns over the fluid levels,

but almost blatant disregard for your valid concerns, and also make a visit

to do the same in the sales area too.

If no satisfaction, I would request to speak to the Dealer Principal.

Also then mention LOC & this thread too !

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Now that you mention it i was told that the engineer must have filed my report away by mistake and that it would be posted to me. Still no report after a week, all they gave me was the bill listing oil filter, washer fluid, clean air filter, engine flush and labour, £310 pounds and they also fixed an oil leak on the front of the engine and did the 5th injector and ECU nice chaps. I always thought that the coolant was pumped around the engine to keep it cool and if the level was low the fluid would become much hotter faster as there was not enough volume of fluid to do the job that the correct level of coolant would. Also on the off chance that anyone would know what is the minimum thickness that the brake disks should be replaced as mine are very worn but was told that they were fine and would like to check them myself. :sad:

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