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Was My Lexus Clocked! Help Asap


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Hi All,

I bough a 02 altezza from an unnamed garage in the last while.On the net it sed it had 56k km on it, which i though was decent but a bit low for a 2002.this garage is a huge garage and not some back ally thing.

when i actually got the car, i realised it had 71k km on it, i still though it was ok even though it was bit more than the net said.

i wanted to see how many km's i got form a full tank so for the 1st week i used the "TRIP A " button to record this.after the petrol was nearly gone the trip thing was at 279km, so i went back to milage counter and noticed that the milage was STILL at 71k km, IT HADNT MOVED , even though trip button was workin.

I rang garage who sent an auto electrician out to me.he told me to leave him a few mins with the car, which i did.when i came back (about 15mins after him drivining it 2),i noticed that instead of the 71,266km on it before that it was stopped at, it had only 71,244 (i know this is only 22km less), but cars CANNOt rollback milage on their own "if the fuse was broke or speddo not connected to ecu" as the fella told me.

What i dont understand is how the 250+km i did that the trip button measured didnt add to the milage when he "fixed" the speedo.

I think he clocked it after realising the clock had more milage on it , and the garage told him to do this so i wouldnt notice.

Im thinking of goin to the garage and askin for proof of milage, like the "Auction sheet"?? should i, or what else can i ask for to prove genuine milage


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