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Help! Newbie Here


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hey peeps been following these forums for a while now, always have been able to get informative advice from here and hoping someone can help out on my query.

Having drove a IS200 for 2 years i decided to change it for a IS300 about 10 months ago and WOW what a car!!! Just as good as the standard IS200 but the IS300 really makes up for it in the engine department.

Now heres my question, does anyone have a self guide tutorial for changing the spark plugs on a IS300?

I have searched in the maintenance section but to no avail.

I used to service my 200 myself to save on the criminal charges my local lexus dealer wanted, im not worried about getting the history book stamped as i would rather have peace of mind that the job has been done properly with due care and attention using the best available parts.

I have already sourced some platium ngk plugs which i have taken delivery of now and having had a look under the bonnet of my car and it really doesnt seem as straight foward as the IS200 engine.

I am now thinking to have it booked in to my local service centre at woodford green???


1. Has anyone managed to change their spark plugs on their IS300?

2. Would you recommend carrying out the work yourself or leave it to the experts?

3. Does anyone know of a garage that may be able to carry out a good job but still save me a few quid?

Any help and advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated?



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