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New But Frustrated


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Hello everyone

Just signed up to this forum (gold as well) but due to some terrible customer service I don't have my is200 yet.

I bought the car from Lexus Sheffield (very good service so far) on the 29th August, I just needed the insurance certificate to have the car taxed.

I went home and got insurance through Hastings Direct. They told me the certificate would be sent 1st class that day (weds). They took out a deposit from my account immediately.

On Mon the 3rd Sept the certificate has not arrived so no car, I ring up Hastings, yes it was sent 1st class but they will send a replacement 1st class. On Fri the 7th still no documentation from Hastings. I ring them to complain again and demand a full refund having decided to give up and find another company to insure me.

They grovel and promise to have the certificate sent special delivery. So this morning a bundle of documents arrive from Hastings but they have forgotten to include the certificate. So still no car.

I have now after nearly 2 weeks given up on Hasting and cancelled the policy but they won't refund my full deposit and want to charge me £40.

Anyway I hope to have some good news early next week if the new insurance company manage to provide the certificate.



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welcome to the club mate and sorry to hear about all the trouble you've had.

Normally when you take out car insurance you have around 14 days in which you can cancel if your not happy. I wouldnt let them keep your money and most certainly would not pay them any more.

Hopefully you can get this sorted and get on the road mate

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