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Brighton Speed Trials Videos


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Well saturday was really good. Got a good spot at start line set up camp and stayed till about 6pm and still didnt see the final bikes run.

It was really great weather and some really nice cars down there. Got loads of videos but not many pictures

Quickest bike i saw run was 9.24 which was a turbo'd busa and quickest car was 10.4 something.

This was the 1000bhp skyline it ran a 10.5 something but forgot to keep filming lol


This was one of the many Turbo'd busa, you can here people gasp as he spins in 3rd gear and still managed a 9.6 @ 160mph


This was ford sierra doing a 12.6 or 13.6 can see then a £££££ F40 doing a 12.95 which i found funny lol


Again the Skyline doing a bit slower at 11.04


This is the monster 7.2 litre (i think) alard (whatever that is) it won last year. The guy who drives it is 75 :o

But it had some problems this year, dont think it got to the finals.


Little Clio V6 rally which was popping crazy which did a good 12.3


This thing has got a Ducatti front and by the sounds of it at the line a duc engine as well (rattle heaven) Did a 10.3 @ 132 then the smokey joy 2 stroke did 10.7 which is pretty good.


This was really quick earlier in the day a sub 10 but had a bit of a bad run when i filmed him. Then a racing sidecar jobby.


This is a standard busa doing a 10.88 @ 137 then a wheely GSXR1000 11 something then another GSXR1000 10.67 @139


Then this was a supercharged busa which ive not seen before running a bad 10.35 @157. Then a turbo'd busa 1500cc 9.60 @ 160 then the yellow busa i think is standard but lengthened swing arm and fairing running 9.76 @ 145


This is an old GSXR1100 with NOS running 9.97 @152. Then a 1100GSXR turbo which blew up and still did a 11.3 LoL


Then another turbo'd busa 10.04 @143 then somefood LoL and another turbo'd busa doing 9.85 @ 142 then kawka 1100 running 10.63 @ 138 then another turbo'd busa 10.87 @ 140


Then my mate Luke who didnt even tell me he was running on his slightly modded busa 10.18 @ 139


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Didnt take many vids of cars looking at that lot lol but there where a load of single seater racers that where doing low 10's

Heres a few photos

Sea front was really packed all the way from pier to marina


Cars coming back from run



More sea front



Quickest bike time i saw


This was a twin busa engined thingy which probably won as was putting some good times in


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