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What Would You Do Guys ?

DJ Wozza

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Absolutely corking! But, however, rank at the same time. I gotta admit, this is something I was discussing with mates recently - it's so scary how "real" it can be made to look in today's world. Very difficult to distinguish - until later lol :lol:

For those at work - the video is okay to watch, but the surrounding adverts are adult related.



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But does he/she still have the meat and two veg that i think is the biggest worry. Jamie me and mates where talking bout this a while back and i still undecided if i would have gone, deffo for the 10k but maybe not for the he/she lol

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i rember this program s/he still has her male organs and there fully intact

i would of taken the money and probably gotton very drunk very soon tho im sure i could still be friends with him/her

then be well chuffed as ive realised ive scored the best looking bloke in the world

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