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Not sure if this post should go in Engine and Transmission section...? Please let me know - thanks :)

Hi all. I've recently bought a high mileage (217K) 1998 Mk II GS 300 with a full service history, but which developed a fault on the way home;

The engine stopped after about 50 miles, so I pulled over. Re-started engine no problem and carried on. After a further 10 miles or so, engine stopped again. This time, when I re-started, the 'Vehicle Stability Control System Warning Lights' and 'Malfunction Indicator Light' were both lit and the car would only travel at about 55mph max with the pedal on the floor!

Next morning; I started the car and both lights were off again and the car was back to normal. Few days later, M.I.L. was on when I switched the ignition on. Turned ignition off, back on again and the light had disappeared. Engine started OK - phew!

I have also noted a couple of other 'niggly' problems; accelerator pedal sometimes goes 'soft'; car starts to slow until pedal is pressed further down and then re-accelerates. Also, steering column only raises/lowers occasionally (probably not related?)

Anyway; after reading through many postings on the site; I have decided to purchase an OBD2 reader to connect to Laptop Computer in an attempt to diagnose problem(s). However; I'm not quite sure which one to go for. There appear to be 3 protocols and I'm sure that buying a protocol-specific reader would be far cheaper than a 'universal' model. Can anyone advise on this please? Many thanks in advance.


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