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Another Mot Sailed Through...

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Thought the big dog had another monts MOT left, turns out it had already expired!

Took her to the garage where I get my LPG, good local guy and he did the MOT.

All passes except brake lines.

He recons that 95% of the lines (where exposed to the elements) are covered with a sleeve. But some previous MOTer had decided to cut off a section to check the condition of the brake line :tsktsk: all the line was like new other than this section about 100mm long where the sleeve had been removed. Thie exposed section was buggered and I can't belive it was still holding pressure.

He's a genuine guy and insisted on showing me and offered to take the car down and I caould take it home to fix myself, I don't like doing brake lines and seeing how bad it was got them to do it, £130 for both lines front to back not a bad price but there goes my beer money for the month! :crybaby:

Rant now over, but just incase, if you can, check your brake lines.

If Lexus put sleeving on, they did it for a reason.

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Hi Everyone,

My Celsior went in for the MOT today as well, took it into my local Garage at Leabrooks at 10.00 am and got a phone call at 11.00 am telling me it has passed without a problem,very happy as it only cost me £35.00 ( the mot not the car!)

Thats a nasty move by the mot tester removing the coating on a brake line I thought they weren't allowed to do things like that?

Anyway Ian we both have another year of luxury motoring to look forward to and hopefully many more after although I read somewhere you were thinking of selling again?



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I had the same problem on the same day I purchased the car.

Drove all of 300 odd miles home then back in my home town, the brake line split.

Got it taken to my Cousins Garage and sorted for a tenner. Universal brake line cut and bend it yourself :D

Lexus are terrible for prices on some of there stuff :(

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