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Was running a little late this morning so had to boot it a little, however as I creeped over 95 there was slight vibration. Now a few weeks ago I posted about breaking at low speeds the car ''clunks'', the advice given was that this is a normal thing for an IS. Is there any possability that the 2 are a related problem.



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Vibration could just be tracking, wheel balencing, or buckled wheel.

If they are connected the only thing i could think of is front ball joints, the way i have been told to check this is to go to each front wheel and with hands at 9 and 3 o-clock rock the wheel back and forth and also with hands at 12 o-clock rock the top, if you get any play and knocking theres an indication...Its easier if the car is jacked up as you can then hold the wheel at 6 o-clock also.

Im sure that if im wrong on this one somebody will put you right.

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