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Wanted: A Single Din Dvd In-car Player

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Wated: A single din DVD in-car player

Can someone recommed me a website or shop's to buy (but not to keen on fleebay) a cheap single din DVD, mp3 etc… player please :question:

I have at present a Kenwood MP4 (yes an MP4) , MP3, CD & VCD (yes a Video CD) player and hooked it up to a 7” motorised Screen (it plays everything except dvd’s - ps I’m selling it too), It works fine with remote. But I want a DVD player since I have no idea how to creat or where to buy VCD’s so the screen is usless at present. Kids want to watch cartoons and they are on DVD you can see my problem. :unsure::tomato:

I only had it about 1 year and everything works a treat, but its time to upgrade to a dvd player so chaps can you recommed me a location, sites for buy one on the cheap please (about £100)

Cheers in advance


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I just bought this on ebay for my motorhome to fit a reversing camera. Really well worth the money.

Sorry can't do the link but item number 200140469976 - he has more of them.

Cheers guys :D

I have looked at the item number on ebay but all i'm after is the player not the built in screen since i already have a seperate motorised screen.

When looking at there shop i came across this:

Car DVD+CD+MP3+Divx+MP4+USB+RDS AM/FM Player. SALE!!!!!

it £51 and free delivery, my question is are these guys genuine and the good any good? :duh:

Also going to have a alook at too.



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