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Fuel Econnomy Dow The Drain

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recently ive started working in leeds so im having to travel quite a bit down the m62 from wirral to leeds and back (spotted some lexus owners club members) and noticed my fuel economy is got seriously crap. its costing me around £25 to get to leeds and then the light comes on when i get near warrington on the way back.

the mpg also sits around 20 now and below any ideas? and if i try loosen up on the gas dont seem to be maintiaining my speed. any ideas what can be done here.

oh i have is200 99plate

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seized brake pads would be my thought

dont think its the brakes ive had them checked and cchanged. where is the o2 senser located?

Try to reset the ECU and put RedX injector cleaner and take it onthe motor way at a steady speed work and vback and it should hopefully rememder the setting and bring back your MPG. :winky:

If not check the Air filter, Vac it out if needs be.

good luck and welcome to Leeds (ring road a nightmare :tsktsk: :tsktsk: ).


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Friend of mine had an IS200 and got crap fuel economy. Turned out he was doing something incredibly dim like driving round with the gears in 3 rather than D. His comment to me, 'I didn't know what D meant. I thought it was loud!' :oops:

I'm sure no one else would ever be dim-witted enough to do this (if anyone has - own up so we can poke fun!!!). Check the O2 sensor, consider plugs may be soiled (is the engine running rough), reset the ecu. 20mpg on a run is never right.

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on my last car, i averaged about 21mpg. i thought it was normal due to uprated cams and other parts.

i did an oil change, and made sure tyres had good psi. (plus new tyres up front)

the following week i managed to hit 30mpg without changing my driving style

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