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Need Help....


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Hey all.

I ordered a toda racing clutch a few weeks ago on ebay.

This is the same as the one i got

Well i did'nt get yet! Iv been waiting weeks for it.

I had been emailing the seller about the delay and i got a email saying


I am sorry for late reply.

As I have talked to TODA, their clutch production line has got a problem

and they cannot ship Metal disk.

However they can ship Organic disk instead.

Therefore if you are ok with Organic disk, we can ship the whole set

on next monday or tuesday.

Could you please reply me if this is ok for you?

Best regards,


Can someone help me out here, like whats the difference and all that. is this a scam or what. I aint got a clue.

Thanks all would be great to get some help on this one.

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Its not that im in doubt its just that i dont know

the difference you know. Id like someone to tell

me the diff between a metal one and a organic

one? Like should i take the organic one or would

a metal one be better?


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I presume you paid with paypal?, go into your account & file a dispute for it not arriving - you have 45 days to do this from purchase, the seller will have no option but to refund you or prove its been delivered.

Steve D

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Hell , I've never heard of an organic disc , maybe they mean ceramic as thats not metal and by disc I take it they mean plates

the difference being an improvement in a torsional coupling in which clutch separator plates (24) are interleaved between clutch friction plates (16) having friction linings (18) on the opposite surfaces thereof to provide an increased coefficient of friction without substantially increasing the wear of the friction lining of the clutch plates during operation of the clutch or brake. The separator plates (24) are formed of a solid ceramic material (24a) or of a steel plate (46) which is coated with a thin layer of the ceramic material (48). Suitable ceramics include silicon nitride, aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. Hope this helps .

Whoa !! I'm dizzy now !!




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