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Rally Experience - Saturday the 20th April


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Since Team Lexus kindly invited Honda-R to the Gaydon meet (which incidentally has got a lot bigger than we expected..... great!!)

Would any of you like to join us at a Rally Experience course??? Most of us are travelling some distance for this and so staying in the accomodation the Friday night and having a social before the event, then staying after the event so we can be even more sociable with a few beers....... here are the details.....

Honda-R are heading to Wales to do a days driving on a Rally Course with 9 other like minded car nuts! The day will involve one-to-one instruction, 5 people per car/instructor in a RWD RS2000 Rally Spec Escort in the forests of Wales (the actual track where Peugeot were testing recently!)

Instructors Tony Higgins and his sons David and Mark Higgins, all the instructors have competed at top level in group N and A.

Thats the good bit.

The bad bit - cost is £265 per person plus £45 for accommodation if required. (Per double/twin room - participants only)

The suggested date is April Saturday the 20th, and I would be booking in at their accommodation for the Friday night!

Even though this is not cheap, I have been assured it is a fantastic day and of course, it will be someone else's tyres and brake we are ragging for once!!!

One thing - once you have learnt the art of 'sideways'... this does not mean that you take that line through future trackday events!!

If anyone is interested - drop me an email.


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