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'94 Ls400 Stereo Replacement

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Help - I'm new to Lexus ownership and I have some issues with mine.

The one I need help with initally is the Audio System. I understand there were two options for my car - the standard system (pioneer based) and the Premiere system (Nakamichi based). How do I tell what i have got?

The 6 disk changer looks to be Pioneer hardware - do I need to check anything else?

The next question is what hardware do I need to replace the system - I have a Kenwood radio from my last car (single DIN) that I would like to use, after a dig on e-bay I found :

Dash Kit:

Adapter lead:

The latter looks like its intended for the nakamichi system - is this correct - is there another lead I can use (assuming I have a pioneer system I would want Lexus to ISO connecter).

Once I get to that point I could do with some sane suggestions about a route to take the CD changer cable to the boot - I intend to fabricate a holder for my kenwood changer to replace the stock Pioneer one while still filling up the hole left by the orrigional unit to retain stock (ish) looks in the boot.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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