Cars For Sale T&c

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Please note, this section is kept up to date, and maintained by the moderators of LOC.

Please help make our life easier, and do not post cars that you have "seen" for sale on eBay, or any other online auction, that you think is a good discussion or if you think "that's a cheap price"

Vehicles in the for sale section must belong to the original poster selling cars for someone else will be removed.

Items in the for sale section will last for 3 months, after they will then expire and will be transferred into the Buy & Sell Archive.

If the vehicle is sold prior to the 3 month expiry date, please put a 'SOLD' post on the thread.

If you post an advert you saw from eBay, then we are not able to keep track of that item, and this section will be full of useless cars for sale!

EBAY adverts will be deleated

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