Swedish Is200 Sport

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Some of you may have noticed my project threads around here. I have received quite a few PMs, reminding me to answer questions in the different threads. I’m finding it hard to keep track of them, so I decided to create this thread, in which I will summarize what I’ve done with the car so far. Most of it is copied from my Swedish project thread and I’ve simply chosen to remove all the text until I have managed to translate it all. If you want info on any of my upgrades, please feel free to ask me.


Thread shortcuts:

Ditec paint protection and basic tidy up

iPod integration

Integrated Sony sat nav

New interior

TRD front lip

New exhaust – HKS Silent HiPower

Black headlight clusters and CCFL Angel eyes

Sports grille and black horns

New rims and black calipers

HID Pace Car Strobes

TTE-spoiler and LED fever

A/C chrome rings

New rims and tires... again

OEM armrest retrofitted

New stereo - JVC KW-AVX710E 7" touch screen DVD

6 x 55W extra lights behind the grille

Stainless steel dials

Front speakers replaced - Infinity Reference

Rear speakers replaced - Infinity Kappa

Sub and amp added - Rockford Fosgate



I have finally bough myself a Lexus IS200. It’s a 2000 model with one owner and 65.000 miles before me. There are currently 1225 Lexus IS200s registered in Sweden, so they are not very common. The amount of registered Volvo V70s is 262.882 :)

Anyway, this is how it looks right now:





A lot has happened to the car. I’ve spent many hours and too much money on upgrades. In the following posts I will now try to summarize what’s been done so far. This is its current state:









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