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Drove A Gs Today


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Today at work I had to take a 99 Sport from our storage yard to auction to be sold.

It was so nice to be back behind the wheel of a GS again. It drove so nice and it felt like I had never been away from a GS, I just seemed to slot back into place behind the wheel and it didnt take any time for me to be comfortable with how the car drove.

I had some fun on the country lanes and on M25 too. :)

Maybe one day I will have one again.

Sorry for going on, just thought I would share this with you all. lol

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My cousin just bought a 1999 GS300 Sport last week and I had a little drive. Must admit it feels more solidly built then the Aristo for some reason (not sure why) and the steering wheel has a nicer feel, but.............. MY GOODNESS.............its not even in the same league as the Aristo performance wise. I was shocked at the difference actually, makes me appreciate just how fast the Aristo is. :)

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