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Altezza Rs200 No Power


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just got my dream car last week an rs200 from japan..

when i got car it was completely empty no gas ,,im confused how they passed gas station

and came to my house with car on empty,,

anyway i put in gas and car sputtering like a buterfly.. i cleaned throttle chamber

and it idle better , but when im driving it . it has trouble in firt gear and when shift to second

it flat lined no power... i its now at my mechanic thyre checking injectors maybe theyre clogged..

any help appreciated ,,,,,

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They say it's a really fiddly job - it's the exact same MAF on my car as you guys have on the RS200 and I cleaned mine recently, it's dead easy just being careful with a cotton bud and contact cleaner :)

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Good point, not sure if some of that is on the service schedules even over here in the UK - just had mine swapped out with all new Toyota ATF-IV for the autobox and Motul GEARS 300 for the diff!

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