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Hi All,

I'd like to update my GS430 Navigator DVD to something a bit more recent - the current disk is the original that came with the car (Part No. 08664-50860) around 2001. do recognise this number and offer PZ485-L00EU-07 as the replacement.

I have two questions:

At a guess, this is a Gen 00 system. The FAQ on says whether 'Operation While Driving' is enabled or not. The picture depicting the Opening Screen for Gen 00 is NOT the one my system shows. Mine has the Opeing Screen shown is being Gen 01 (definitely - I'm always selecting NL language instead of Accept...) Is PZ485-L00EU-07 the correct update for me?

The above update I guess is 2007 data. Is this still current or is there a newer update due sometime soon (in which case I might wait for that one)?

Cheers for all clues!


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I umm'ed and err'ed about updating my disk a year or so ago. I don't tend to do that much driving, and I'd far rather I could just enter a post code than an address.

In the end I decided that for the sake of a few new streets, £150 was just taking the *****, especially as it was going to be out of date so quickly.

Then a m8 pointed out that I could get a decent TomTom for that price and by up to date.

In the end I bought a TomTom which has proved great when I'm wondering around European streets looking for places ... which I do a fair bit nowadays.

Good luck!

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