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Hi Everybody!

Alex M

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Hey all,

Just came on here for a bit of advice really but no doubt I'll be hooked as it looks pretty decent around here :D

Anyway I've decided to change my car and I think after a list of about 20 I'd like to nab a Lexus IS200, especially now there's quite a tasty low mileage Sport model for sale quite near to me that I can afford!

Just wondering what I should be looking for on it really, it's got Lexus service history (don't know how full it is), and it has done 72k.

All advice needed as I'm pretty clueless on the Leckys!

Cheers guys.

And sorry if it's the wrong section :blush:

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Make sure that you get more than one key with whatever car you end up buying, and make sure that at least one of them is a "master" key. A master key usually has three buttons on it (lock/unlock/boot), but the sure way to tell is to carefully watch the flashing security light on the dash when you insert the key into the ignition. If the light goes off immediately when the key is inserted, then it's a master key. If it stays on for a second and then goes off, then it's not a master key.

Without a master key you won't be able to programme new keys for the car, and so if you lose your keys you will be facing a rather large bill (e.g. a new ECU) to get any new keys.

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